All aboard the Parsnipship for the tastiest local vegan & veggie food!

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This vegetarian food company located in Ogmore Vale, Bridgend has been selling its pioneering vegetarian and vegan produce at food fairs, farmers markets and other local events since 2007. Back then, owner Ben, started selling five varieties of vegetarian crumbles, pates and pies at The Riverside Market in Cardiff. Today they have enthusiastic and very satisfied customers who can’t get enough of their fresh vegan and vegetarian produce!

What is their food like?

So, what kind of food can you expect from the Parsnipship? Well, they make some tempting little numbers such as the Wild Mushroom & Nut Roast, the Mexican Pie, Glamorgan Crumble and the Beetroot Bomb. If you’re thinking that the Beetroot Bomb sounds a bit like something you’d get to pop in the bath from Lush, you wouldn’t be far wrong – it reminds us of that too!

Vegan & vegetarian, with some gluten free varieties

It’s worth noting that you’ll find no meat aboard the Parshipship, but you will find delicious vegan and vegetarian food (and the occasional gluten free offering).

Mouthwatering vegetarian patties sizzling on a griddle.

In order to bring WyeDean Deli Confidential readers an unbiased account of the Parsnipship’s wares, we conducted a very scientific taste testing!

Three mini vegetarian roast cutlets on a plate with pickles.
Delicious served up with pickles and Chili Pete’s sauce!

These vegetarian delicacies were served up with a few accompaniments such as pickles and some of Chilli Pete’s homemade chilli sauce (procured from the Miners Arms). This led to a couple of very important discoveries:

1 – The Parsnipship’s range is wonderfully flavoursome.

2 – Chili Pete makes one mean chili sauce. In fact, it doesn’t just look like molten lava in a jar, but it burns like it too, as it’s packed full of scotch bonnet peppers!

Some of the fantastic food from the Parsnipship at their stall at Taurus Crafts, Lydney.
Some of the fantastic offerings from the Parsnipship at their stall at Taurus Crafts, Lydney

So, without further ado, here’s the lowdown on these vegetarian goodies!

Stilton Spinach Potato Cake (gluten free)

Ingredients: potato, Stilton cheese, spinach, onion, salt & pepper.

It’s nice to have a gluten free option, and this Stilton, Spinach and Potato Cake was extremely tasty. As you can see from the ingredients, it’s a simply recipe, but it’s absolutely delicious!

Three delicious mini vegetarian roasts, ready to pop in the oven.
Three delicious mini vegetarian roasts, ready to pop in the oven.

Wild Mushroom & Nut Roast (vegan)

Ingredients: wild mushrooms & white mushrooms, mixed nuts, mixed herbs, breadcrumbs, sumac, soy sauce, carrot, onion, garlic, salt & pepper.

This extremely tasty little number is a fine choice for the nut lover – and the Parspinship people didn’t skimp on the nuts! The wild mushroom and nut roast is full of flavour.

Welsh Leek haggis (Christmas special recipe)

This seasonal delicacy froze well and was still mouth wateringly delicious by the end of February. The Welsh Leek Haggis was seasoned with Harissa (this hot sauce or paste is widely used in North Africa and contains mint, cumin, chilli, coriander) and was made with yellow split peas.

The Parsnipship also advised that it was best pan-fried with cream and whiskey. Although we had in pan-fried, it wasn’t with either whisky or cream, so we’ll take have to take their word for it!

A Welsh Leek Haggis from the Parsnipship being fried in a cast iron saucepan. It is a vegetarian mini split pea roast.
The Welsh Leek Haggis – best pan-fried with whisky and cream


Follow your nose to find the best local meat-free food

The Parsnipship crew are regulars at local farmers type markets, so in spite of being based in Ogmore Vale, Bridgend, they can still be counted as locals. Besides, Ogmore Vale isn’t really all that far away.

The Parsnipship’s staff all have a fantastic knowledge of their products and you can find them at any farmers market or event by just following your nose. The aromatic middle Eastern style spices will lead you straight to the delicious hot vegetarian food that they serve at their stall.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff at the Parsnipship stall!
Friendly and knowledgeable staff man the stalls!

Eat fresh or freeze!

The Parsnipship’s products can be easily cooked from frozen. This means they’re a truly awesome convenient, fresh and wholesome snack to “have in”.

Top tip – If you do want to cook from frozen, make sure you separate the wrapper from the crusty tops beforehand as it can be hard to separate otherwise.

Online shop coming soon…

 We asked Pete when their online shop would be up and running. He’s currently sorting out the logistical side of things. So, you should hopefully be able to buy their products on the web in a few months’ time.

This vegetarian and vegan food isn’t just for vegetarians and vegans!

This is exciting new indeed, as the Parsnipship’s creations are vegetarian food at its best. In fact, we’d speculate that even the die-hard carnivores amongst us would find their products to be just as satisfying and tasty as a meat dish!

Find out more about the Parsnipship on Facebook!

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