Miners Arms Whitecroft, sausages & mash to die for!

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Are you looking for pub food with a difference? Well, The Miners Arms is the one of the best pubs and restaurants for food in the Forest of Dean and they also put on live music too! The menu is packed full of local food and they even serve kid (as in goat, not children!) from the Cotswolds. Mario and Karen are big on the eating local ethos and are extremely enthusiastic about food. Their portion sizes are generous and the quality is fantastic – and it isn’t your standard pub grub!

The Miners Arms, Whitecroft.
The Miners Arms, Whitecroft

Authentic Greek food available…

Mario is Greek, so naturally you’ll find the odd Greek dish on the menu and these are proving to be a great success. This makes perfect sense, because the Forest of Dean isn’t exactly overflowing with Greek restaurants!

Pete’s Scotch bonnets blew us away!

We settled on the chili sausages and mash. The chili comes from Pete, a local chap who grows his own Scotch bonnets. Jars of his chili sauce are on sale at the pub and it looks like pretty dangerous stuff!

A pot of Pete's Chill Sauce - looking decidedly dangerous next to a pint of beer.
Pete’s Chill Sauce – looking decidedly dangerous!

Top marks for sausages

The sausage meat came from local butchers, which we love to see. You can’t beat a real sausage! Mario’s bangers were extremely tasty and the Scotch bonnet chilies gave them a real kick! Nevertheless, they weren’t so hot that you couldn’t taste the pork and other seasonings. We each got three good sized sausages with mash, gravy and veg. Being ‘proper’ sausages, they have that meaty bite and texture to them – they were nothing like value mass-produced sausages with ‘meat’ of dubious origin.

Sausages, asparagus, mash and gravy from the Miners Arms, Whitecroft,
Check out these beauties…

Generous portions & buttery mash

 The mash was served up in a generous portion and was creamy and extremely buttery – we had ours with asparagus. It was all nicely presented. You know you’re getting good portions when your meal still looks substantial on a large very plate!

Gravy to die for!

The gravy was the finishing touch that made it extra special. I don’t know what the secret is, but it was absolutely delicious and very rich. Perhaps it was the bacon lardons?

Mario's sausage and mash
We thought Mario’s sausage and mash was to die for

Great value for money

 It was great value for money at £11.00 – a generous portion and good quality wholesome food. It’s not the cheapest bangers and mash, but it’s what you would expect for the price. Proper sausages from the local butchers and real butter in the mash! So, as you can see, this is a cut above your bog standard bangers and mash! The Miners Arms isn’t the cheapest pub for food generally, but then it’s not trying to be. Karen and Mario aren’t interested in competing on price – their main concern is quality and they are definitely hitting the mark. Just check out TripAdvisor to see the reviews! They even received a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence in 2014!

The pub is welcoming with an open fire and it’s beautifully decorated. You can tell that Mario and Karen take a lot of pride in their pub and restaurant. The barman was a friendly local and also extremely well trained and good at his job – which we appreciate!

Inside the Miners Arms pub.
Great surroundings…

The Miners Arms menu highlights

So, what about the rest of the menu? Well, the burgers looked pretty eye-catching. There’s a Gourmet Burger Menu with their ‘The Hog’, a wild boar burger with blue cheese sauce and the ‘Gamekeeper’ venison burger with beetroot and horseradish chutney. These aren’t your run of the mill burgers – they are the gourmet variety, made from fresh locally caught game! In fact, one of the WyeDean team was so impressed by the food on offer at the Miners Arms, that she booked a family meal!

Real Scotch eggs!

Mario happened to be making wild boar black pudding and bacon Scotch eggs when arrived. These were available as starters that day, and were an impressive size! One of those on its own could have probably done someone for lunch, but we thought we’d go for the sausage and mash nonetheless.

In the kitchen with Mario, making Scotch eggs
In the kitchen with Mario, making Scotch eggs

Venison steamed pudding: a retro-style treat

The steamed venison pudding also caught our attention, because these traditional style steamed puddings aren’t that common these days and they have become a bit of a retro treat!

So, if you want to eat out somewhere with a good atmosphere, and which serves fresh, high quality food from local producers, you need to get yourself to the Miners Arms at Whitecoroft! You’ll receive a warm welcome and tasty, filling food from this lively couple who are passionate about food. Mario even looks like a celebrity chef!

Visit the Miners Arms website & like their Facebook page.


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